Possessing a knowledge base which is both strategic and investor driven allows us to provide valuable consulting and advisory services to our clients

Working with Browning Search Group You May Expect

With 20+ years of working in the investment management industry our Principal has experienced firsthand what works and doesn’t work in the space. With our vast network of investment management professionals, service providers, both retail and institutional LP’s and senior executives, we have encountered every obstacle and know the solutions to many of these obstacles. We know what strategies are turning hot and which are cooling, we understand what the investors are looking for in a fund besides their performance and we know what has worked and not worked in the past.

Working with us will help you lead your firm down the path of less resistance and transform your fund to what you desire. For LP’s we can assist in creating new revenue streams to alleviate higher cost while at the same time creating a strong recruiting and retaining environment for top talent.

Areas of Focus

  • Succession Planning

  • Infrastructure Buildout

  • Vendor Identification
  • Vendor Relations

  • Revenue Generation

  • New Strategy Recruiting

  • Marketing Strategy
  • LP Focused Marketing Strategies